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Discover the menus of our restaurant in Wierre-Effroy.


Salmon gravlax with passion peppercloves, toasted mousseline   14€

Roasted Wierre on a mousseline bread, maple syrup   12€

Thai style beef tartar , spicy mousse   13€

6 oysters (origin and size according to arrival), strawberry and dill vinaigrette   18€




Beef fillet (180g), aubergine' roe, glazed carrots, beef jus   25€

Roasted pork chine, mashed potatoes, spring onions, shallot sauce  21€

Fishing of the day, green vegetables, satay lemongrass broth   22€




Plate of three cheeses from the Farm   8€

3 chocolat crisp, apricot basil sorbet   10€

Fresh fruit soup, strawberry sorbet   12€

Strawberry cream cake, strawberry gel, passion fruit sorbet   13€

Vanilla crème brulée, raspberry-lime coulis   12€